So sorry....

Hello everyone,

So first off Summer and I would just like to say that we are so sorry that we haven't posted anything since this round started, we both had some personal issues come from out of no where and took us out for a few months.

However, we are both back now and to make up for not posting anything for the last few months, we'll be posting a few cases soon back to back. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

Again, so sorry,

A reminder of past stuff and information on some new stuff

Welcome Back Detectives!

Winter and I are exicted to be back and hope that the Game we've got planned is worth the
extermely long wait we forced you to live the last year.
Before we get on with the Game there are just some reminders of facts shared before and some new information about the Game to come that we need to go over.

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Game 3

Game 3 will run from July 18th to November 18th

At the moment we will be staying with the same 2 team setup from the previous games, 221B vs. Brownstone. If the numbers increse early in the game we do have a 3rd team comm avaiable that we will concider activating (or save for a later game.)

This Game will include a few Team Cases so we will be asking for team Captains. To be sure that we have everyone where they would like to be we will be asking all of you to reapply for a team, simply select the same team if you wish to stay, we're not asking people to move this is just so that we can stay organized to have the Game run smoothly. If you would be interested in stepping up for captian, we're hoping to get 2 perteam, please let us know when you reapply.

We will be hosting one pre-game case, unlike our previous pre-game cases though, this one will run over the course of the Game.

This land comm was originally created to support the fandoms of Elementary and Sherlock BBC, with this Game we hope to add in some of the other Sherlock variations out there, so be pre-pared for the fun to increase. We do understand that not everyone out there will know all of the variations we may use, the cases involing these will be designed so that you can still play with little to no knowledge of that fandom.

As always if you have questions please feel free to DM myself or last_winterrose or you can reach us through the Page-A-Mod Post.

Now that the boring stuff has been sorted ...

Let the Game Begin!
Windmill Crusader

Did you miss us?

Hello! Hello!
Did you miss us?

We are sorry, sorry, so sorry about falling of the face of Live Journal during the last game. We never meant for that to happen but unforunatly Real Life had other plans. After a forced move (which turned into two more movies within months after that one), a change in occupations for one of us, more family drama then even the Holmes brothers would enjoy and just a series of unforunate events last_winterrose and I are back!

We are hoping to get this community up and running again. We have a list of cases for people to solve, some ideas on how to improve the comm a little moer and plans to add a thrid team to make the competition a little more interesting.

What do we need from you to make this happen? We just need to know who is still aroud, who would like to start Game 3 and if you would like to change up your current team. Please comment to this post if you are still around and interested in playing another game. Our next post to the comm will depend on the number of responses we get so please if you are still around, you did miss us and would like to join in the fun let us know with a Hi, Hello, silly picture, quote or even just a Hey You!


If convient, comment immediatly.

Rules and FAQ

Welcome to land_deduction

What is a land-comm?

A land comm is an interactive challenge community in which players are divided into teams and compete for points. Challenges can be anything from luck to graphics to writing to puzzles to logic-based challenges. At the end of the each round the team with the most points wins.

What fandoms are included here?

This landcomm centers around the two fandoms that have gotten a new generation of fans into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, in two different ways. BBC Sherlock and CBS Elementary.

So how do I play?

Apply to join a team. There are two teams - Team 221B and Team Brownstone. Once you have your team you can start to participate in challenges which will have rules in the challenge post.

What do I do if I have questions?

Each challenge post will have a thread for questions, and there is also the page-a-mod post, where you can take general community questions and queries. You may also PM myself or sumer_starlight

How often do I need to participate?

We ask that you participate at least once every three weeks minimum (we’d love it if you can participate as much as you can but we understand real life can sometimes get in the way of fun fandom stuff!) We’re also happy to try and help out during busy periods so if you need to go on a hiatus then please let us know at the Page-A-Mod post where comments are screened.

Other things to note:

The main rule of this land comm is just to have fun! Hopefully it’s a safe place to try new things and make friends. Please don’t bash other players or actors etc!

If you wish to change teams please PM myself and we’ll see what we can do (no guarantees). Please note that any points you have earned prior to this will stay with the team you were on.

*Some of these rules and layout came from the wonderful avland


Welcome! Applying for a Team

Welcome to The Land of Deduction

Round Three will run from July 18. to November 18th.

Apply for a team here by commenting below with the following form. We will let you know ASAP which team you are on. We always try to give people their first choice but due to numbers it isn’t always possible.

There are two teams:

Team 221B
Team Brownstone

Please be sure to read the Rules beforehand if you're planning on signing up.

Please don't join a team before applying, we’ll send an invite to the team you get put on. Thanks!

Thank you,
Your Landladies