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Did you miss us?

Hello! Hello!
Did you miss us?

We are sorry, sorry, so sorry about falling of the face of Live Journal during the last game. We never meant for that to happen but unforunatly Real Life had other plans. After a forced move (which turned into two more movies within months after that one), a change in occupations for one of us, more family drama then even the Holmes brothers would enjoy and just a series of unforunate events last_winterrose and I are back!

We are hoping to get this community up and running again. We have a list of cases for people to solve, some ideas on how to improve the comm a little moer and plans to add a thrid team to make the competition a little more interesting.

What do we need from you to make this happen? We just need to know who is still aroud, who would like to start Game 3 and if you would like to change up your current team. Please comment to this post if you are still around and interested in playing another game. Our next post to the comm will depend on the number of responses we get so please if you are still around, you did miss us and would like to join in the fun let us know with a Hi, Hello, silly picture, quote or even just a Hey You!


If convient, comment immediatly.
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